Charleston the beautiful.

We just returned from a week in the Carolinas. Most of our time was spent in the Charleston area. Charleston's rich history and preserved architecture and landscapes made for such an authentic experience.

Here are some pictures taken during our travels. Enjoy.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens:

The streets of Charleston:

On the water at Bowen's Island:

Blooming Trees: 


In search of...

The past couple of weeks my work has taken me to some pretty interesting and beautiful places in search of prime plants, boulders, and more. 

Here are some shots taken during my recent travels, all located within about an hour of Los Angeles.

On the quest for Cactus:

In pursuit of the perfect boulders:

and a couple specimen trees: 



Aussie Natives

This weeks plant search led me to Australian Plants Nursery in the Ojai area. It's always been a really wonderful nursery to visit, but it's even better now. Since my last visit they have doubled in size with the purchase of their neighboring property. This acquisition enabled them to increase the propagation / growing grounds, retail display, and demonstration garden areas. They have a large selection of Australian natives, but also some pretty interesting South African plants too. Definitely worth the trip if you're looking for plants with beautifully textured foliage and striking flowers. Here are some pictures taken during my visit-

If you are interested in visiting the nursery please contact them to schedule an appointment. 

Here's a link to their website:


In December, we went on a family vacation to Kaua'i to celebrate the Christmas holiday and my In-laws 50th (!) wedding anniversary.

We visited many beautiful spots on the island, but one of my favorites was just down the street from where we stayed, the Lumahuli Garden (yes, a garden... big surprise?). The garden and preserve is a 1,000 acre valley that is home to more than 250 native plants and birds, many on the verge of extinction. Here are some photographs of the preserve. Enjoy....

More shots of the verdant island...

ALOHA Kaua'i.... until next time....




The Green Team, a recycling program at Mt. Washington Elementary, collects bottles and cans every Monday morning from the school's attending families. The donations made are applied towards school beautification projects. This year they funded the Entry Garden planting.

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The Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Gardens are a popular request at KFL, especially this time of year when the weather is warming up and clients are spending more time in their gardens. Our most recent Kitchen Garden installation consisted of fourteen pots filled with herbs/veg./citrus inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine.

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descanso gardens

A couple days ago Mari and I visited Descanso Gardens. Spring is definitely happening over there. Many of the plants were exploding with color, much more than we had anticipated. The Tulips, Camellias, many of the CA natives (will do a separate post on them), and even a few Lilacs were showing color. Here are some photos taken during our visit-

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